meet jesse

meet jesse

I'm 23 years old and grew up with a love for movement and connection. like most little girls I started out with ballet, and although I still love to dance, I grew particularly attached to the sport of soccer. I'm from a small beach town and grew up running around barefoot and spending my days at the beach with my four younger sisters. yes... 5 girls. if we weren't playing soccer, we were playing volleyball, running into the ocean, or jumping from rock to rock on the seawall; but I was always moving. 

living life through a lens of movement and connection, I've always been extremely fascinated by the human mind and the mind-body connection. while studying psychology and neuroscience at princeton university, I truly began to understand the strength of the human mind and how powerful it is over the body... what you think, you really do become. continuing my soccer career at princeton and captaining the team my junior/senior years, I also quickly learned that physical strength means nothing if your mind is not sound. only when you prepare and strengthen your mind do you prepare your body for success. 

fast forward to 2019, and I'm now playing as a professional across the atlantic, in le havre/normandy, france. I also recently began my master's in sports psychology and rehabilitation science. and I believe I am just getting started. 

movement - whether it be physical, mental, spiritual, geographical - to me is energy, expression, release, inspiration, creativity ... identity. and to me, it is all connected. it creates a space for growth and newness. I am a lifelong athlete and learner; I believe that the human potential is limitless, and I am always pushing to improve myself, or discovering how to do that. 

this move to france has allowed me to physically travel across the world and explore new places, but it has also graced me with the opportunity to explore and expand my mindset and perspective of the world and myself. being in a different place changes you, and only through change and movement do we continue to grow and create ourselves.  

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